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Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

With more than a billion cars running in the streets worldwide, the need increases for ways enabling people to handle the growing numbers of road vehicle and the resulted growth in the traffic jams and accidents in many cities around the world. Accordingly, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are rapidly adopted to raise the efficiency and quality of road networks for the benefit of citizens. ITS include different technologies that provide transmission, monitoring and analysis tools aiming at enhancing traffic flow, enhancing road safety, empowering law enforcement and reducing the emergency response time for accidents and emergencies.

ITS technologies include monitoring the roads using surveillance cameras and sensors, telecom means for transmitting data to control rooms and information systems such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for visualizing collected road data on map and spatially analyzing the data for empowering decision making in addition to applications for publishing useful information to the public for the benefit of citizens using the roads.