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Network & Infrastructure Management

As much as the business dependence on IT increases the risk for services interruptions both for internal and external users increases , therefore reliable and scalable infrastructure is becoming a fundamental cornerstone for today’s business continuity.

Alkan CIT provides a multiple array of solutions that can efficiently manage new technological developments, application changes, responds to security threats and growing IT capacities. Offerings include Networking Integration, Bandwidth Optimization, IT Asset Management, Hardware Virtualization, Business Service Management and Enterprise Network Management

Networking Integration

Communication Convergence is the keyword, understanding the importance of Scalable continuity to the success of business for the financial sectors’ institutions, Alkan CIT provides turnkey converged networking solutions (multi-service networking) that enable integration of data, voice and video solutions onto a single (IP based) network and empower customers to gain a competitive advantage today and tomorrow.

Key Benefits

  • Improving network performance
  • Implementing complex network initiatives
  • Reducing risks associated with network changes

Bandwidth Optimization

WAN optimization appliances can make more efficient use of existing connections and may even yield better performance than merely throwing bandwidth at the problem. Alkan CIT offers a wide range of Application acceleration and WAN optimization products that are needed to improve the performance of applications and services operating over their WAN.

Key Benefits

  • IT cost reduction on application server consolidation
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Improved application performance
  • Collaborative Web applications

IT Asset Management

Managing corporate assets has always been an essential function of every enterprise, when it comes to IT, asset management is even more crucial to the reliability and continuity of business; challenges include over/ under buying of assets, time consumption on manual inventory data collection and difficulty of maintaining vendors’ details and their service contracts. Alkan CIT provides solutions that enable tracking full asset lifecycle, managing contractual and financial controls, reducing long-term costs and improving return on capital through three simple steps; receiving, tracking and verification, and also integrate with RFID technology to efficiently track assets and provide quick and reliable access to data all over asset lifecycle

Key Benefits

  • Identifying IT assets, and automating asset lifecycle
  • Managing contractual and financial controls
  • Seamless integration with barcode scanners and RFID technologies

Hardware Virtualization

Virtualization technology allows running multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine and sharing the resources of that single computer across multiple environments. Different virtual machines can run different operating systems and multiple applications on the same physical computer. Alkan CIT offers virtualization solutions that empower organizations conquer common IT challenges including cost of building and maintaining the IT Environment, application delivery struggles, IT complexity and inefficiency by efficiently reducing hardware maintenance costs, increasing space utilization efficiency in data centers, reducing capital costs; enabling running multiple operating systems on a single computer, ensuring enterprise applications perform with highest availability and performance.

Key Benefits

  • Capacity Planning (Virtualization Assessment)
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • IT Infrastructure Consolidation
  • Data Center Management
  • Desktop Virtualization

Business Service Management (BSM)

Business Service Management (BSM) is the most effective approach for managing IT from a business perspective. BSM ensures that the actions and decisions taken by IT are based on business priorities thus saving up to 25% of overall annual IT budget. Alkan CIT has teamed up with the global leaders in BSM and IT Management, to be able to empower clients with solutions that effectively enable IT become a key driver of business value that proactively address business requirements, lower costs, drive revenue and mitigate risks. Our professional consulting team is committed to support organizations achieve their business objectives by mapping the business requirements to underlying IT infrastructure and implementing the appropriate BSM solution along with best practice processes thus maximizing the value of BSM technology investment. Offerings include ITSM and BSM Services.

Key Benefits

  • Increasing reliability for critical systems (i.e. Core Banking, Visa, ATM etc…)
  • Transforming IT support from Reactive to Proactive mode
  • Providing better customer service and achieving customer satisfaction

Enterprise Network Management

From routers and servers to the composite applications that make up business services, networks’ operation managers daily struggle to unfold issues and fix problems affecting business-critical assets that are spread across the organization while keeping up with optimum service levels, combined with an inability to view the network topology; this could be very challenging and time-consuming. Alkan CIT provides a complete Enterprise Network Management Solution that auto detects network assets, visualizes network topology, performs real time monitoring, signals admin¬istrators when a problem occurs and zooms into it showing its exact origin, thus enabling better analysis of events and repair of potential problems before they affect the business, which directly speeds up resolution time, enhances customer satisfaction, and cuts time and costs associated with manual intervention.

Key Benefits

  • Routine IT Tasks Automation
  • Accurate Inventory Data for Today’s Changing Network Landscape
  • Optimal Network Performance
  • Fault/Event Management
  • Reports: Advanced Network Intelligence