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Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

ESRI is widely recognized as the technical and market leader in GIS, pioneering innovative solutions for working with spatial data on the desktop, across the enterprise, in the field or on the web. Esri software is designed as an integrated system, so you can create your own GIS configuration by selecting appropriate software from our comprehensive product family. The famous ArcGIS (of ESRI) is a complete system for authoring, serving, and using geographic information. It is an integrated collection of GIS software products for building and deploying a complete GIS wherever it is needed—on desktops, servers, or custom applications; over the Web; or in the field

ArcGIS deployment options

  • Desktop GIS: Perform advanced spatial analysis, model operational processes, and visualize results on professional-quality maps.
  • Server GIS: Distribute maps, models, and tools to others in your organization in a way that fits well into their workflows.
  • Mobile GIS: Field staff can capture, update, and analyze geographic information for rapid decision making.
  • Online GIS: Online GIS provides a common platform for ArcGIS users to discover, share, and build GIS applications, services, and content.

ESRI Northeast Africa is the sole distributor of ESRI software in Egypt, Libya, Sudan and Chad. Our philosophy is to provide our customers with all information and guidance they may need to achieve their GIS objectives using ESRI software, we complement the selling process by providing customization and development of turnkey solutions on top of ESRI Platform in addition to offering comprehensive training profile and convenient technical support and maintenance services

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