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Digital Mapping & GIS Applications

Realizing the importance of good understanding of Geography for the success of Oil & Gas industry, Alkan CIT offers a full fledged suite of digital maps and GIS applications fully supported by cutting edge technology that bring in the power of “location” to everyday decision making, starting from locating a place to drill a well, route a pipeline from the exploration site to the refinery plant, finding an ideal location for a refinery as well as efficiently managing and integrating all industry related spatial components into the corporate database, and applying appropriate geographic analysis efficiently in desktop-focused applications.

Scope of Services

Digital Maps production

  • Digital Satellite imagery
  • Digital elevation models

Solution Development

Building Geospatial Infrastructure suite that represents a spatial backbone for Oil & Gas companies and serves different activities such as:


GIS facilitates discovering new sources of Oil & Gas and thoroughly analyzing potential locations by providing powerful analysis tools that allow overlaying, viewing, and manipulation of different types of data such as satellite imagery, digital aerial photos, surveys, surface geology studies, subsurface and cross section interpretations and images, well locations, and existing infrastructure information in the form of a map.


GIS technology is ideally suited to perform overlay analysis that help understanding the geographic, infrastructure, business conditions, and environmental factors about different locations in question thus enabling the production of found reserves.

Facility Management

The global nature of Oil & Gas industry results in an infrastructure that is vast and difficult to manage. GIS can be used to map and effectively manage drilling platforms, pipeline networks, refineries and other industry components, despite the harsh environmental conditions where they often operate and exist in.

Pipeline Management

The Pipeline network is one of the most critical components of the Oil & Gas industry. GIS provides the in depth analysis tools needed for the creation & management of functional pipeline networks, best utilization of resources thus leading to optimal production and minimization of environmental impacts due to accidental releases during construction.