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Data Capturing

Modern forces operating in combined and joint operations in the modern world need to be fast, flexible, and communicate easily. This will only be the case if the capability for command and control, the gathering, integration and dissemination of data is second to none. Among the various means of data capturing tools are cameras, sensors, digital maps and satellite images all to be stored in databases, where they are filtered, integrated, analyzed and regularly updated.


Establishing secure environments in government facilities, deterring crime and improving citizen safety in public spaces requires accurately monitoring the daily activities and quickly responding to any detected suspicious behaviors, accordingly the span of video surveillance services has recently widened to comprise both remote and urban operations where safety is directly tied to saving people’s lives. Deploying surveillance solutions at strategic establishments is becoming more critical both for monitoring operational activities as well as Perimeter security which involves securing the physical ground of the premises. Alkan CIT ensures providing the optimal IP video surveillance systems for present and future needs. State of the art equipment is incorporated and complemented with a portfolio of high-value services, including solution configuration and integration with other systems.


Selecting the right electro-optical (EO) sensor technology for security systems can be challenging. Different characteristics and performance levels are required depending on whether the system must detect, track, and identify individuals and/or detect contraband and hidden objects. Visible, near-, mid- and far-infrared (IR) as well as ultraviolet (UV) sensors can be used individually or in combination to perform specific security applications. EO/IR sensors are used both for point protection and area surveillance applications. identifying the specific type of security need, is essential for selecting the right type of EO/IR sensors and combining them with other types, such as radar, seismic, and acoustic sensors. Alkan CIT provides rugged sensor solutions which can be relied upon in the harshest of environmentsthese include Military vehicle position sensors, fence security sensors, etc...