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GIS Applications & Digital Mapping

In the Governmental sector environment, population segmentation and analysis are crucially important for operational success. To be more effective, many governmental entities, ministries and municipalities are turning to solutions that enable better data analysis, aid future planning and facilitate online collaboration. Alkan CIT GIS solutions, empower future planning, decision making and geospatial analysis of data. GIS empowers the Governmental sector to be more effective, better serve the population and effectively extend services by  integrating, analyzing and displaying location-based data

Alkan CIT offers a full fledged suite of digital maps and GIS applications bring in the power of “location” to everyday decision making, starting from locating a new service, analysing population, finding an ideal location for a new office as well as efficiently managing and integrating all service related spatial components into an integrated database, and applying appropriate geographic analysis efficiently in desktop-focused applications. Building Geospatial Infrastructure suite that represents a spatial backbone for the financial sector that empowers the decision making process based on geography and geo-demographics models, sharing knowledge-based decision making across departments

Solution Benefits
  • Spatial population segmentation
  • Enhanced collaboration across departments
  • Empowered planning and operational performance
  • Improved profitability Enabled spatially empowered territory analysis and economic forecasts
  • Reduced business complexity through accurate analysis of real-world conditions
  • In-depth analysis based on common geo-extended workflow view of business

Success Stories