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Geospatial Database for Mobily, KSA

Mobily needed to coordinate its business priorities and network assets throughout their lifecycle, acknowledging the rapid changing nature of the Telecom industry, and the importance of finding, managing, and analyzing data quickly and effectively to make a strategic difference. Also, Mobily aimed to work on increasing revenue, reducing costs, and accelerating speed to market for new telecommunication products, hence to fulfill their goals, they demanded a GIS system that helps delivering GIS Professional Services and Maps, empowering Mobily with the spatial component. The system should account for legacy systems which represent the existing systems at Mobily, acting as data sources of the system. 


Establishing a Geospatial lnfrastructure, which represents a spatial backbone for Mobily; this geospatial foundation backbone is built on Service­ Oriented Architecture (SOA) infrastructure facilitating system scalability. The system core component is the GIS Servers where Mobily's spatial and tabular data is hosted, Also a frame work is provided to create applications serving GIS functionality and web services.

Key Benefits

  • Better decision making
  • Better Customer Care Services
  • Better network performance monitoring
  • Ensuring system and data security Providing Value Added Services (VAS)
  • Automating Mobily business process which results in reducing cost and providing faster network rollout


GeoSpatial Database
Through the National Spatial Database Infrastructure, GIS organizations can publish their own data via maps & metadata services, and search for data available at other agencies as well. The NSDI is available to private, public, and commercial users, , in addition to data publishers, and service providers as well. The data services can be used over the internet/intranet for those agencies and organizations that require authorized access to information. Content may be provided in the form of raw data, maps, or metadata services, dealing with for example, lifestyle mapping, climate modeling, real-time weather reports, address geocoding, network routing--the possibilities are endless