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Egyptian Media Production City


The Egyptian Media Production City (EMPC) is the main information and media complex in Egypt, opened since January 1997 to serve the movie production industry and atract talents,  it is equipped with state of the art technologies and latest equipment. It covers an area of about 35 million square meters, visited by thousands of people on every single day and is also considered as a touristic attraction, challenge was securing the premises, gates and buildings of Egyptian Media Production City (EMPC)

  • Studio complex comprising 14 studios
  • Open-air theatre and grand theater that accommodates 1500 viewers
  • Film Laboratory for film processing, editing and sound recording
  • Theatre hall seats around 2500 people
  • Open-air shooting area 
  • 250 rooms 4-star hotel 
  • Training center 
  • Staff Club 


  • 200 Fixed Bullet, Minidome & PTZ cameras with high image quality
  • Full Integration with existing backend system



About Video Surveillance

A picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to video surveillance "it tells the whole story". The span of video surveillance services has recently widened to comprise both remote and urban operations where safety is directly tied to cost efficiency. Alkan CIT believes in the importance of deploying surveillance solutions both for operational security where monitoring remote facilities and sometimes day to day activities is critical to the business as well as for perimeter security which involves securing the physical ground of the premise whether it is remote or urban. Having gained vast experience along the years in different business sectors, we cover all phases of a project, ensuring that clients get the optimal system for present and future needs