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Automation & Smart Grids


Intelligent network systems for water and electricity that integrate multiple smart technologies as communication technologies, SCADA, GIS, distribution systems, smart meters, etc.. to reach optimum utilization and distribution of resources by gathering information from points of generation, transmission and consumption, defining vulnrabilitis and outages, analyzing consumers' behaviour patterns, demand response, integrating asset data with consumer information and facilitating planning for renewable resources placement thus ehancing the overall network efficiency and reliability

Mapping and Spatial Analysis

GIS Gives Utilities an Advantage

Location is fundamental to all electric, gas and water utilities. Empower staff to leverage critical location data with GIS technology. Advanced mapping and real-time spatial analytics strengthen operations and decision-making—from the field to the office. Connect everyone with maps and data. See assets, plans, compliance issues, and high-demand areas in one place to improve operations


Satellite Communication


Reliable, seamless connectivity is vital for success and continuity of any business, as disrupted or delayed communication often prove to be extremely costly and can even pose danger to people, equipment and operations. Connecting multiple, dispersed locations requires an advanced network that cost-effectively delivers high performance voice, video and data services under adverse and even hostile environmental conditions. With a wide range of Satellite connectivity solutions, businesses can obtain seamless communication between geographically dispersed locations. Offerings include dedicated VSAT Connectivity/Services; Hub based VSAT Services, Maritime solutions and Mobile Satcom Solutions. VSAT technology is optimum for isolated locations where no direct connectivity is available while being connected is crucial for business continuity

Data Centers

IT operations are a crucial aspect of most business operations, where organizations totally rely on their information systems to run their operations. If a system becomes unavailable or an information security breach is detected, transactions may have to be stopped completely. A data center therefore has to offer a secure environment and keep high standards for assuring the integrity and functionality of its hosted computer environment that minimizes the chances of a security breach and provides a reliable infrastructure for IT operations that guarantees business continuity. We offer a complete data center solution including Storage, Server consolidation, backup, disaster recovery, Racks, UPS and Physical Security needs


Communication & Networking Infrastructure


Empower connectivity and support real time communication

Amid growing complexity, heightened security and operations are increasingly becoming network-centered, that is all dependent on the reliability, security, availability and robustness of the communication channel, deployment of multi-tier communication networks empower connectivity and support real time transmission of data, voice and video no matter what the surrounding circumstances are. Wired and wireless communication networks, LAN/WAN, Tetra, VHF, GSM, LTE, Fiber optics, Microwave, WiMAX, Satellite (Inmarsat, and Thuraya)

Intelligent Security Solutions

The Impaccable Security Solutions

Smart Video Surveillance: High-quality video surveillance solutions for critical safety and security, carrying all video, voice and data traffic simultaneously with a high degree of standardization for transmission, management, user control and maintenance 

Gates & Barriers: Security gates, automatic barriers, secure fencing and anti-climb deterrents

Access Control Systems: Readers & controllers for main gates and internal doors, access control systems for parking area plus  high quality time & personnel management  systems

Intrusion Detection Systems: Detection cables for fences and microwave or infrared detectors for gates 

Illuminators: Infra red (IR) & white light illuminators to produce the best quality Video Surveillance images



Fleet Management System


Fleet management systems help managing staff's time and improve vehicle usage, simply by replaying routes driven on a digital map or reviewing summary  reports that highlight the visited locations and the time at which they were visited, thus improving the routes and improving customer service, fleet management also helps determining precisely how long a vehicle stopped at different locations and how often the locations were visited, data will be stored in the system and can be easily retrieved for analysis and decision making

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