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Live Streaming


Unmatched ability to see, hear and communicate with almost anyone in real time.

Thuraya MediaComms: Delivering highest standards of reliability, portability, security and performance, so journalists and media reporters for instance can remain focused on breaking the news without having to worry about staying connected. Thuraya MediaComms is a complete end to end solution extending the newsroom into the field

Wireless Backhauling: Backup your network

VSAT Streaming: Share news and broadcast over Satellite

IP Streaming: Share information, videos and reach audience everywhere

Masts, Towers & Antennas

We Have it All

Design, Manufacture, Supply and Installation services for all types of radio masts and towers, both guyed and free standing. Products range is complemented with full technical support and consultancy services in addition to custom designed towers according to customers’ specifications. Products include a rich selection of self-supporting and guyed towers, antenna support structures, fuel tanks, palisade steel fences, canopies and tower accessories



Tell Data Driven Stories with GIS Maps


Because everything happens somewhere

Add context to content. Show your audience the where along with the what, why, when, and how. Whether you provide background information for a story, describe where an event is or has happened, or make imaginary worlds more real. GIS has the tools and solutions.


Construction & Engineering

Turnkey solutions for your Studio including design, construction, electromechanical services and architectural finishings of studios with special sound proofing and acoustic treatments and integration of custom studio solutions and final setup as per international technical standards and operating requirements of clients 


Success Stories

TV Studio & Video Editing

Addis Ababa Police Commission, Ethiopia

Egyptian Media Production City

Securing the city with Smart Video Surveillance Solution

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