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Thuraya Satellite Solutions

Land Voice


Whether you’re an avid explorer about to embark on an expedition of a lifetime or an NGO volunteer moving from country to country, Thuraya innovative products and solutions will make your life easy and safe.

Our latest launch is the Thuraya XT-PRO DUAL, which is the world’s first dual mode, dual SIM phone, keeping you safe and in touch with the most important people in your life as you continue on your journey. While you’re out there on the move, in the middle of nowhere, it would be good to know the rest of the world is just a phone call away. It bridges the gap between satellite and terrestrial communications, allowing users to move seamlessly in and out of terrestrial coverage to enjoy connectivity in any location. We pride ourselves in achieving many industry firsts including the Thuraya SatSleeve+ and SatSleeve Hotspot which let you turn your smartphone into a satellite phone, creating the perfect blend of mobility and simplicity. The flexible and rugged Thuraya XT-PRO, which was the first satellite phone to feature all 3 major navigation systems, GPS, BeiDou and Glonass. And let’s not forget the industry’s best value-for-money satellite phone – the Thuraya XT-LITE for those part-time adventure seekers. With satellite coverage across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, and with over 360 roaming partners in 161 countries, Thuraya’s reliable and uninterrupted network allows you to stay connected wherever you are and whenever you need it. 

Land Data

Thuraya IP+ is a highly portable terminal that can easily be deployed from backpack to broadband in a matter of seconds - providing access from locations across our extensive satellite network. Its enhanced capabilities lets customers add a wide range of applications and solutions, including live high-quality video broadcasting, web browsing, email, social media communications, data transfer and VoIP applications. Thuraya IP Voyager is also purpose-built. This high quality vehicular satellite terminal is engineered for a wide range of mission-critical operations such as border patrol, defense, and emergency response, in areas that terrestrial networks simply cannot service properly. Providing reliable and efficient communications, IP Voyager users can stay in touch using video, data, and VoIP during mission critical tasks, where failure is not an option. Thuraya MCD Voyager takes these specifications up a notch, by integrating the performance of IP Voyager into a ruggedized, self-contained, auto-pointing satellite broadband terminal. Uniquely designed, Thuraya IP Commander has a MIL-SPEC set of features which have been engineered to enable mission-critical voice and data connectivity in the most extreme environments. Our IP terminals are used by global media organizations, government entities and NGOs, as well as energy and maritime companies requiring a reliable, portable, secure, and easy-to-use satellite broadband device.




Improve Time Critical Weather Updates While Keeping a Low Cost of Ownership

Thuraya MarineComms provides merchant shipping, fishing, government, navy, coast guard and leisure users with competitively priced, robust and reliable connectivity, spanning voice, narrowband and broadband data. Our powerful L-Band satellite network can assign capacity where and when it is needed, providing a service that covers some of the world’s busiest ports and shipping lanes. We enable fast and clear connections at sea.