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AMS Units & Quick Sites

Quick Sites


An integrated Smart, compact site solution that builds up within 2 days, ideal for rapid network expansion, easy deployment and site relocation, consists of Guyed Tower, Steel foundation, Canopy, Steel Palisade Fence and Gate. Durability guaranteed with lifetime of +25 years; designed to withstand full expected dynamic loads up to 14 m2 with smallest footprint (36m2) and heights up to 55m 



Alkan Mobile Stations (AMS)

Get Started in 2 hours!

Self-contained Telecom sites that build up within 4 hours, portable on trucks, quick and easy to install, with guaranteed safety and durability, comes with mechanical and hydraulic jacks for easy mounting and landing without using any additional cranes for lifting the equipment. Each AMS is a compact unit with a steel platform containing Telescopic guyed tower up to 45m high, Equipped with shelters/ outdoor cabinets in addition to Gen


  • Quick Site Building: No civil works or foundations
  • Integrated Design: Compact structure, integrated tower and shelter
  • Small Footprint: 11m x 11m for 40m towers
  • Cost Effectiveness: Costs less than mobile communication units fixed on trailers 
  • Strength: Metal lattice cross frame
  • Safety: Additional locks between sections
  • Durability: Minimal maintenance required