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GIS Mapping and Analytics

GIS Mapping and Analytics


Empowering the Telecom Industry with Geography

GiS technology gives you the right tools to solve business challenges and gain a competitive edge. GIS technology enables telecommunication professionals to integrate maps and information to make better decisions. From planning and maintaining network infrastructure to managing existing customers, new services and new markets. GIS provides a common platform for integrating information across all departments, it allows you to examine work processes while incorporating external data such as demographics and market trends, additionally, tools for quantitative analysis and visualization help you systematically model, measure and visualize issues in your network planning and engineering, marketing and sales and customer care departments.

We provide a geo-centric solution whereby spatial information becomes the backbone for your company’s workflow; it provides the core upon which integration can be established between the different departments. internally, this geographic approach to analyzing your infrastructure and operations helps create new efficiencies by adding a spatial perspective and giving you new ways to understand your service areas and customers. externally, geo-enabled applications enable the provision of even more services to the customer with a better user experience.