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VSAT Connectivity

Private VSAT Networks

High capacity Satellite based networks that provide point to point/ multipoint connectivity for hundreds of different remote sites. Our vast experience in the design, deployment and integration of customers’ required applications into the VSAT networks guarantee unlimited seamless communication. Applications include Voice, Data & Video streaming, financial applications, Interactive distance learning/training, Help desk, Mobile Networks, SCADA, Videoconferencing & Surveillance, enterprise solutions and GSM Backhauling

Hub Based Solutions (Alkan Net)

A full-featured, Internet and telephony solution that delivers high-speed Internet over Arabsat Satellite. Subscribers at any location, enjoy internet connectivity and voice services. AlkanNet also serves as a Satellite backup solution that ensures business continuity in case of any breakdown or disruption of traditional voice and data networks, providing two way satellite services for connecting the head office with remote branches and securing fully fledged telephony services to local, national and international destinations

The broadband system used by HNS to deliver AlkanNet services is available to operators and enterprises around the world to provision their own satellite broadband services. The HN NOC (Network Operations Center) along with HN remote terminals and appliances together provide the capability to deliver broadband IP services anywhere in the world. With over 1,000,000 terminals ordered or shipped to 85 countries, the HN System is the most advanced and widely deployed broadband satellite system in the world. While optimized for high-speed IP data, the HN System also supports a wide variety of applications including voice, video, and serial protocols. For organizations that want to provision and operate their own broadband satellite system, the HN System is the perfect solution.

The HN System uses leading industry standards such as DVB-S2, IPoS and HNS-patented HN technology advantages to provide unsurpassed user experience for broadband applications