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Network Rollout

Tower Sharing


Sharing network active infrastructure as antenna, feeder cable, nodes, radio access network and transmission systems. With sharing, the cost burden on operators reduces significantly, improving the rate of mobile services rollout and increasing savings in operational costs thus allowing for focusing on branding and new service design, marketing activities and customer satisfaction.
By providing turnkey tower sharing services.  Save time, effort and money while limiting expenditures and enabling faster rates of rollout activities

Site Acquisition and Construction

Netwok Planning

  • Selection and qualification of best locations for network infrastructure
  • Developing plans of nominals to satisfy coverage requirements
  • Determining line of sight availability with other sites
  • Designing Macro (Greenfield / Rooftop) and indoor “Micro” sites 

Site Acquisition

  • Survey and selection of options
  • Negotiations with landlords and (HOT) agreements
  • Title documents collection, revision and validation
  • Acquisition of official construction permits and HSE

Site Construction(Green field, Rooftop & Indoor Solutions)

  • Design and construction of all civil works
  • Supply and erection of masts, stub towers and towers
  • Supply and installation of shelters, internal fittings, electromechanical & RF materials and Fences

Installation & Commissioning (I & C)

Telecommunications sites’ enhancement and modernization are recently becoming nonstop due to the rapid evolvements of deployed technologies and offered services which require regular site reconfiguration and coverage enhancements/upgrades. Fully fledged suite of I&C services covering the whole spectrum between site modification/ replacement to complete site reallocation. To date we have successfully installed and commissioned more than 25 000 sites for leading telecom operators across the whole region  

  • Site Installation: Civil Work, equipment installation, routing and Integrateion
  • Site Dismantling: Unfixing cabinets, MW links and cables
  • Site Reallocation: Dismantling and installation of sites and MW links in new locations
  • Site Survey: Identifying numbers of cabinets, types of batteries and site configuration & routing
  • Site Acceptance: Ensuring quality of site, cabinet fixations, connections and proper isolation
  • 4G Expansion: increasing connections and replacing old ones
  • MW Links I & C: complete Installation, Commissioning and alignment of  MW links in opposite sites


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Operation & Maintenance (O&M)

Eliminate worries of critical processes related to management and operation of networks’ sites

Alkan CIT offers premium quality O&M Services for Telecom Networks, rendered 24/7 to maintain the network elements and the associated BTS/Node B/BSC/COW infrastructure items of the sites. By attending to every detail, our proven and seasoned teams of project managers and master technicians eliminate the worry of critical processes related to management and operation of networks’ sites, facilities and assets. We provide preventive, corrective and recurring maintenance services to hundreds of telecommunication sites and facilities across the region. Our services help network operators extend their regional coverage, enhance network performance and focus on core business.

Operation Services

Include managing and enhancing the physical network; incorporating new technologies and enabling new services such as the adoption of GPRS, EDGE and 3G. We provide variety of solutions dedicated for network infrastructure management thus enabling the operators’ decision making, resource optimization, down time minimization and adoption of new technology for Signaling & Switching, Optical transmission and Connectivity.

Maintenance Services

include on-site Maintenance whether Preventive, Corrective or Scheduled covering the base station equipment, telecom equipment, transmission and outsource equipment (air-conditions, shelters and their contents, power systems, tower/stub towers, generator sets, etc...) in addition to all site facilities and environment as well as interconnected hardware or devices. Alkan O&M teams include more than 570 master technicians and professional engineers, all backed up with state of the art technologies and technical training, offering 24/7 onsite services, teams include:

  • Mobile maintenance teams on the go team, respond for regular requests
  • Deployment Standby teams respond to Emergency Calls according to standard SLAs, 24x7
  • Site Resident teams operate, monitor, analyze and respond to any situation at critical locations.

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