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Life has Greatly Changed Since the Discovery of Electric Power 

Today life without electricity is almost impossible, we need it for our daily life at home, work, and everywhere we go in almost everything we do. Our experience in supplying, operating and maintaining a diverse range of backup power solutions across Africa and the Middle East for leading Telecom operators over the past 20 years, has equipped us with the skills and expertise needed to secure reliable standby power solutions for all types of projects under any adverse conditions for all locations lacking main power supplies or with ones that are subject to failure. Sectors we serve are telecom, residential, commercial, and industrial

+ 16 years experience and fully equipped workshop to overhaul & repair all generators types & capacities.


Solar Panel Boards

Cut down operational costs while using environmental friendly power solutions by Converting sunlight into electricity. Design and fabrication of solar panels and boards at our state of the art industrial facility "Alkan Steel Factory", complemented with installation and maintenance services.