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Data Services

Photogrametery & Remote Sensing

The Art & Science of Using Photographs as the Fundamental Medium for Metrology 

Medium to high resolution satellite imagery from Urthecast, Airbus, Here Maps and Harris, complemented with sophisticated RS Techniques and Applications

  • Urthecast  We move pixels from space to the screen 
  • AirBus No matter what your project is, we have the right solution

  • Here Maps Harnessing the power of location data

  • Harris


Geospatial Data Consultancy

Insuring Data Interoperability According to International Standards 

Helps improving organizations’ competitive position, organizing database archieves and workflows and adding value to power system holdings. Services cover all aspects of data collection and management 

  • GIS Quality Management systems based on geospatial international standards
  • Standardization of data processes (Data production, Data Conversion, Data Evaluation, Metadata, etc...)
  • Professional support services for developing innovative solutions to improve work flows, multi-source analysis and other mission critical capabilities
  • Customized support programs and on-job training on data techniques
  • Project Planning and coordination
  • Data management

Geospatial Data Production


A wide range of ISO compliant digital maps.  Production cycle includes Data Acquisition, Collection of Ground Control Points, Digitization, Surveying, Data Collection, Data Entry, quality Control and data cartographic visualization

  • Production and provision of a wide range of maps with different scales and types
  • Collection of Ground Control Points
  • Field Data Collection.
  • Data Acquisition
  • Digitization
  • Quality Control.

Geospatial Data Management

Geospatial Data Management

Effective management of spatial and tabular data all through conversion, organization, editing, integration and enhancement to insure interoperability and reconditioning of data assets with national and international standards as well as ongoing renewal of databases to match concurrent changes in real world

  • Data conversion (from CAD files, hard copy maps, scanned maps, imageries, ASCII files….etc.)
  • Industry specialized data conversion (Utilities, Cadastral, Geological….etc.)
  • Geo-referencing and spatial adjustment
  • Professional resources to develop innovative solutions and services to improve work flow, data production, multi-source analysis, and other mission critical capabilities
  • Data processing analysis and interpretation
  • Database updating.

Cartography Services


Providing and developing custom maps and GIS services for a wide range of industries (Educational Map Services, Medical Map Services, Commercial Map Services …etc.) that vary in sizes, formats and styles according to customer needs and required specifications through utilization of latest software tools to create the most professional cartographic maps that meet customers’ needs

  • Data visualization and cartographic representation
  • Serve geo-portals’ projects
  • Serve Atlases’ projects