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Steel Fabrication

Telecom & Transmission Towers


A Product Suitable for Almost Every Application

Having established our own steel factory in 2007 to support the booming expansion of the telecom industry and to cater for the growing needs of the local & international markets providing a broad selection of premium-quality, highly developed products and ensuring there is a product suitable for almost every application. Over the past decade we have successfully supplied, installed and delivered turnkey projects in more than 17 different countries across the region

Steel Structures

Premium Quality, Highly Developed Steel Products

Alkan steel factory is located in the free zone, Alexandria operating as a modern automated facility using latest computerized numerical control (CNC) technologies and machinery. Services include design & fabrication of all types of light weight steel structures and accessories as bridges, canopies, hangers, fences, communication & transmission towers, advertising & traffic sign boards, wind turbine lattice towers and tanks as per latest international standards and also as per customer specifications in addition to providing full technical support and consultation services