Scope of Services

Architectural & Civil Works


Architectural and civil works for all types of smart buildings whether public, residential, office buildings,  industrial facilities, warehouses in addition to infrastructure projects of roads, telecom networks, railway roads and bridges. Services include Design, Construction, Renovation,  Finishing and Landscaping

Electromechanical Services

Planning, design and execution of all electromechanical installations for regular to mega size projects for office buildings, workshops, data centers, GSM switching rooms, NOCs, submarine cable landing stations, warehouses and more; in addition to renovations and extensions of existing sites. We combine modern management skills with state-of-the-art technologies and quality materials while maintaining high standards of workmanship to ensure clients’ satisfaction with due consideration to Health, Safety and Environment

  • Mechanical Works  
  • Electrical Works    
  • Civil Works  

Lightweight Steel Structures


Distinctive, Stylish, Effecient & Durable

Steel structures play an important role in construction around the world, they are generally distinctive, stylish, effecient, durable, strong, easy to maintain and make very short construction times possible. we design, produce, install & maintain wide range of light weight steel structures for all purposes including hangers, advertising and traffic sign boards and towers, solar street lighting poles,  canopies, mounting brackets, mesh fences, solar cells panels, irrigation machines, frames, telecom towers and their accessories and steel bridges 

Networking Infrastructure

Reliable, scalable infrastructure and communicaton networks are fundamental cornerstones for today’s business continuity, by providing a multiple array of solutions that efficiently enable managing new technological developments, implementing new applications, system changes and responding to security threats we’ve been able to empower organizations to  grow and develop their technological capacities. Offerings include Networking Integration, Fiber  optics, wirelwss communication, CCTV, IP Telephony, control rooms, data centers and consulting services