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Process Control

Process Control

Staying ahead of competition has never been more challenging, yet could be easily achieved on bringing increased  quality, accuracy and precision to industrial processes  and reducing response time through the deployment of Distributed Control Systems, Emergency Shut down systems  and Fire & Gas systems


Distributed Control Systems (DCS)

Provide a comprehensive platform for automated control and operation of a plant or industrial process thus enabling them delivering their production goals


Emergency Shut down systems (ESD)

Provide a prevention safety layer which takes automatic and independent action to prevent hazardous incidents from occurring and to protect personnel,  plant equipment and environment against potentially serious harm


Fire & Gas systems (F&G)

Provide a mitigating layer of protection, that reduces the consequence severity of an event when it occurs  In the event of a gas leak for example F&G can act to prevent it from becoming a fire or explosion by isolating the leak and ignition sources hence minimizing damage to equipment, people and the environment