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Land Management

Land & Property Management

GIS allows you to integrate wide vriety of data into one common format, a map. Presenting your customers with a visual representation of all the informatiom affecting the desirability and value of a property can give a far more accurate picture of a property's value and suitability to their needs. Additionay creating and maintaining an  effective land administration system is a multifaceted process often managed by many agencies and organizations. Duplicated efforts and data quality problems are common. Although separate GIS applications have been used to manage individual aspects of land records in the past. the full potential of GIS can best be realized when applied across the entire cadastre workflow.

For land administration agencies to manage their land information assets eefeciently and effectively, they should move from legacy "silo" workflows to an enterprie solution. GIS enables this by putting the geodatabase at the heart of cadastral enterprise transactional workflow. The geodatabase associated ArcGIS software supports the land administration life cycle - data capture, data management and processing, and informatioon dissimination- in an open environment that supports IT standards and interoperability with existing systems. An automated workflow modeled and implemented in GIS improves accuracy and quality and saves labor, time and money. Our solution is optimum for sddressing cadastre agencies' business needs, it allows properties to be easily recovered, manipulated and reclaimed. Properties may be rural lands, servitudes, farms, leases, etc... Organizations can improve handling of cadastre process workflow automation issues across the organization's different departments according to defines business rules; accordingly, creation, collaboration, review, approval and management of content is improved as it traveks thoughout the organization. Our solution also provides the advantage of integration with surveying tools which is needed to apply real time updates on the properties.

  • Resources management and scheduling

  • Processing field surveys

  • Data dissimination

  • Advanced Web editing

  • Monitoring and reporting




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