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Smart Grids


Reach Optimum Utilization and Distribution of Resources

Intelligent network systems for electricity and water that integrate multiple smart technologies as communication technologies, SCADA, GIS, distribution systems, smart meters to reach optimum utilization and distribution of resources by gathering information from points of generation, transmission, consumption, defining vulnerabilities, outages, analyzing customer behavior patterns, demand response, integrating asset data with customer information and facilitating planning for  renewable resources placement thus enhancing the network efficiency and reliability


Smart Buildings

Improve Energy Efficiency and Reduce Operating Costs

Home automation, workplace technology, access & security controls, lighting and shading controls, climate control, etc… all require automatically controlling the building's operations as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security hence improving energy efficiency and reducing operating costs. Building management and control systems and Life & Property Safety systems 

  • Lighting control systems
  • Network infrastructure and IP telephony  
  • Fire detection, protection, high sensitivity smoke detection
  • Voice evacuation systems 
  • Liquid leak detection systems



Field Solutions


Ensure Accurate Monitoring and Timely Control

Measuring the different parameters onsite and reporting them to the central control room is essential for ensuring accurate monitoring and timely control. Our team of experts are specialized in programming, installing and testing instruments, as well as integrating them with new and existing automation systems installed to enhance overall process  performance. Solutions for monitoring and measuring ongoing plant processes and transmitting  information directly to the control center include



Run Business with Maximum Efficiency and Reliability

SCADA provides a platform on which many managerial systems can be built such as ERP, Billing, GIS and Asset Management. SCADA solutions provide the operational systems required for the monitoring and control of distributed equipment on a wide network of pipelines, roads, railways, and assembly lines where simple automation of electromechanical processes is needed. It employs Programmable Logic Controllers, Remote Terminal Units, intelligent devices and smart metering. We provide integrated end-to-end SCADA & AMI solutions and services that assist our clients in running their businesses with maximum efficiency and reliability


Process Control


Increas Quality, Accuracy and Precision

Staying ahead of competition has never been more challenging, yet could be easily achieved on bringing increased quality, accuracy and precision to industrial processes and reducing response time through the deployment of Distributed Control Systems, Emergency Shut down systems  and Fire & Gas systems

  • Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
  • Emergency Shut down systems (ESD)
  • Fire & Gas systems (F&G)