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Professional Services

Our wide range of GIS solutions implementation allowed us to etablish a unique range of Geospatial solutions utilizing various technologies and benefiting different industries in different countries. Each solution is the output of a project managed according to internationally defined standards. Project teams may combine multiple parties, including our team, partners’ experts, and members of projects' consortiums.

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Data Services

Seamless World Coverage

Integrated GIS Data production Services for clinents across the region since 2005. Services include data collection, conversion and creation from our supply of up-to-date mapping to the integration of map-based information with database records. To date, we have covered most of the populated parts of Egypt as well as of many neighboring countries such as Sudan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Libya, Namibia, in addition to a number of African and Arabian countries





Technical Support


Find Answers and Connect with GIS Experts

Since the introduction of our GIS services in 1994 we've been committed to supporting the growing needs and continuous development of the GIS users community in the region, this committment is exemplified by the wide range of support services we provide to promote clients' success, and carry forward their suggestions for continual improvement by offering flexible and comprehensive support programs to suit clients varying needs.




Sole Authorized Esri Trainining Partner in Egypt and Chad

Esri NeA is the Sole Authorized Esri Trainining Partner in Egypt and Chad. We build and deliver standard and customized GIS training programs for hundreds of users each year. We believe that knowledgeable individuals can accomplish great things in their organizations and communities by applying geography to solve problems. Enjoy your journey, we’re here to help. The optimum ROI of any solution can be achieved on adopting a full capacity-building plan. Our training center and Esri Certified professionals posses a high level of experience in Geospatial solutions and functions along with impressive interpersonal skills & wide background that enables fulfilling the needs of all our customers. Moreover, we have taken into our consideration years ago that GIS knowledge should be communicated to the community and learning it should be in hand, that is why our training services vary across our clients whether being individuals, organizations or students.




Meet the Needs of Local and Regional GIS Users

As the international demand for localizing software and courses rises, successful titles depend on their adaptation to various cultures and languages. These products tap into a very essential activity within the society, “learn against language barrier.” It is “local language” that first bonds us to our own culture and history, to what we see as normal, relative and appropriate to our knowledge. This adaptation is important, since the science in natural languages can be significantly different from one culture to another. Such differences could extend from the syntactic layer of communication, to the semantic and the pragmatic one. Esri NeA has extensive experience in providing localization services for Esri as well as international brands, wishing to penetrate the regional market through localized versions of their software. Moreover, we provide localized training content and classes to meet the needs of local and regional GIS users.


No matter the scope of your work, Esri professional GIS consultants can help at the level that meets your needs

Where to start from, how to develop what you have, and finally what is next? All these questions and more made us utilize our experience in serving our clients and answer these type of questions. Our consultation activates cover the full cycle of solutions implementation in both Governmental and private sector organizations. Services include Needs assessment, Business Process Re-engineering, Implementation Planning, Requirements Specifications and ISO consultancy for Geographic Quality Management (QM)