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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

The new intelligent video age

The new Business Intelligent features of SCATI are designed base on the latest technology. SCATI video surveillance systems are able to analyze customer’s behavior and provide relevant data to make business decisions.

The video become the perfect tool to understand the customer behavior and to help in the daily work of other departments of the company such us marketing, operations and human resources. Thanks to this features you can maximize the return of investment, guarantee the security and minimize the unknown loss in your business


Some of our most advanced features on Business Intelligence are:

People counting

  • Inflow clients reports
  • Detection of peak hours
  • Counting information by time intervals
  • Graphs and statistics

Heat Map

  • Identifying most/less visited spots
  • Monitoring customers paths
  • Analysis customers behavior

Transactions analysis

  • Volume and items sold
  • Integration with PoS, ATM and other devices
  • Search and Query by business parameters
  • Transaction reports
  • Conversion Rate

Queue Management

  • Automated queue detection
  • Opening new cash register in real time
  • Reduction of waiting time
  • Improving the user experience

Face Recognition

  • Face recognition and alarms sending in real time
  • Immune to changes in appearance
  • People forensic search
  • Mass images importation

Mobile Intelligence

  • Kilometres travelled
  • Online system duration
  • 3G/4G data consumption
  • Alarm for speeding, route deviation and zone exit