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The Video Management Platform

Video Management

The New Video Management Platform “end to end”

New video management platform capable of providing a solution adapted to any security project, thanks to its flexibility and modularity.

SCATI FENIX has been designed base on the last technology in Business Intelligent and provides analytical data (transaction analysis, people counting, heat map, etc.) for operational support and business decision-making, using 100% video technology.

It is a compatible solution with ONVIF protocol and it allows the integration with multiple systems and devices in an only solution centralized.

FENIX PRO is composed of four modules perfectly integrated that complement the solution of CCTV system.




  • Comprehensive control of all system elements
  • Management of users, roles and permissions (LDAP Support)
  • Self-diagnosis and health status of the system (SNMP Support)
  • Centralised alarm management
  • Web access for system administration and configuration
  • Interface for third party integration
  • Unlimited camera and device management
  • Intelligent bandwidth management
  • Distribution of video streams
  • Storage on different devices
  • Automatic device detection
  • 24/7 FailOver operation
  • Intelligent recording management. SD card recording on camera and re-synchronisation in case of network outage.
  • Option to back-up video, alarms or centralised recording (Storage Server)
  • Support for third-party system events