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Our Capabilities

Incident Management

ALKAN offers a comprehensive solution for public safety and law enforcement (i.e. police, fire, and ambulance) that utilizes state-of-the-art GIS technology for bringing location-awareness to national security for better serving our societies.

Fleet Tracking & Management

Alkan CIT solutions for Tracking & Fleet management help improving efficiency and overall performance,  reducing operational costs, managing driving time, monitoring fuel consumption and improving safety, could be also used for guiding and directing car drivers to their destinations or just giving them useful, informative or entertaining  information.

Task Force Management

Maximize efficiencies across the enterpris through effective resource planning, scheduling, routing and dispatching of work, provides powerful  business analytics, Reduces travel time, operating expenses and overheads, Increases Customer Satisfaction minimizing missed appointments, fulfilling more customer commitments and improving service response time

Crisis Management

We offer solutions and tools that are designed to help organizations manage and respond to a crisis or emergency situation. These solutions can help organizations streamline their crisis management processes, improve situational awareness, and respond more effectively to crises.


Improve citizen-satisfaction by simplifying the permitting procedure for citizens, investors, and companies. Increase operations across government organizations and employee efficiency by reducing cost and workloads and dedicate more time for other tasks within your organization.


The inspection application is a Web-based GIS application concerned with managing inspections’ proposed annual plans to use it as reference for managing the inspection missions which are used to build the actual plans.

Planning Support Systems

We support the planning and decision-making processes of an organization.The benefits of PSS include providing a structured and systematic approach to planning and decision-making, integrating data and information from a wide range of sources, and improving stakeholder engagement and collaboration.

Geo Projects Tracking

Improve projects tracking by monitoring their budget, deadlines and scope seamlessly. Collaborate, track projects, and reach new productivity peaks. Pain Projects Volume Projects Complexity Scattered information sources Missing Critical Updates Progress Follow-up Advantage Improve visibility With everything needed to know in one place, you can stay aligned on budget, deadlines and scope in quick and easy manner. Streamline Tracking With the comprehensive KPIs, predictions, alerts and notifications, you can put your hands swiftly on where the work stands.

Land Management

GIS technology helps manage all aspects of land information and land records including land tenure, value, administration and use. We provide reliable and up-to-date land information reflecting the true physical and legal reality to secure social stability, sustainable economic development, and fair taxation.

Real Estate Management

We offer real estate management solutions that are designed to help organizations manage their real estate properties more effectively, improve visibility and control, and optimize their financial performance.

Fraud Management

The system is built on top of complex algorithms employing Artificial Intelligence to route data and analytics through a mobile app and web portal that amalgamates the information and controls on a comprehensive dashboard for our clients to visualize and interpret their data.

Governance & Risk Compliance

We offer GRC solutions that are designed to help organizations manage their GRC activities, improve transparency and accountability, and reduce the risk of non-compliance or other issues.We help organizations to streamline their compliance and risk management processes, improve transparency and accountability.

Digital Twin

Through the use of digital twins, you can visualize infrastructure and building assets throughout their lifecycle, track changes, and conduct analysis to optimize asset performance. ALKAN combines spatial data, engineering data, real data, and Internet of Things data to provide a holistic view of the project. Immersive visualization and analytics visibility enable better management of your assets, enabling you to make more informed decisions that result in better outcomes.

Smart City

Technology has the potential to make a significant contribution to the development of smart cities. By doing so, we can create cities that are not only more efficient and sustainable but also more equitable and inclusive through our integrated communication technologies.

Process Automation

We provide intelligent automated solutions that can help a wide range of industries to streamline their operations and improve efficiency such as robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML)

We Apply Unmatched Expertise to Various Industry Sectors

Our experience in serving different sectors has allowed us to develop a broad range of expertise and knowledge, which we leverage to deliver innovative solutions that improve operational efficiency

Harness the Power of Technology that Transforms Your Business

  By embracing technology and leveraging its capabilities, businesses can streamline operations, enhance productivity, reduce costs, improve customer experiences and make better decisions

Custom Applications Development

Our professional team of experts are dedicated to providing high quality integrated development services designed to work seamlessly helping our clients achieving their needs. In recent years, Our GIS-based solutions have deservedly increased the market share because of the incredible value they bring to users.

Geospatial solutions

Understanding the importance of location-based data in today's business, Our experts provide integrated comprehensive geospatila data services which require specialized knowledge to work with GIS technology. By integrating GIS into their digital transformation strategies, We can improve our clients' decision-making capabilities, optimize their operations, solving their business problems and create new opportunities for growth.


Supply & demand

Provide a powerful decision support tool to forecast and allocate demand to supply in an optimized manner in order to reach desired target; the target can be minimizing overhead costs or providing high-quality service to the public or any other target (based on the organization). Pain Manually intensive end-to-end forecasting and planning process Uncertainty in supply & demand leads Technologies Supply/Demand Network Optimizer A web application of processes that sense and react to real-time and future demand across a network of supply according to dynamic business rules and settings. Supply/Demand Network Administration A web application for supply/demand network settings and business rules configurations.

Administration solutions

"Take the security of ArcGIS server applications to next level Provide a powerful tool that let the administrators manage access rights and privileges to GIS functionalities and data used across ARCGIS server applications. Pain Limited permission control over ARCGIS server Overheads of custom coding access control tool

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